Vormatiche – Chromatic (2017)

Chromatic feels like a loose collection of songs. It comes off as an album without an overarching musical or narrative theme. Chromatic, to me, sits more comfortably when thought of as a collection of abstract art. A lightly curated selection of thought experiments, much in the same way a painter can start with a blank canvas and throw paint at it until it feels done. Chromatic feels like that, but painting with sound in a blank DAW session.

The use of synthesised instruments provides a robotic and clinical feel at times. It’s metronomic and the piano parts, in particular, have little to no dynamics to the playing. I can’t help but listen to it and want more humanity in the playing at times, even if it is just for the sake of contrast.

Spoken passages appear at points throughout the album, at times as mere whispers. They help reinforce that these songs the blurb on Vormatiche’s Bandcamp page – “Vormatiche is an artist inspired by post-rock, electronic, jazz and other experimental genres”. The emphasis in that sentence, for my interpretation, is that Vormatiche views the music as art.

When you consider something as art, the interpretation of what the art is – that belongs to the audience.

Art inspired by post-rock, not post-rock. That nuance is something that I feel had to be noted before listening and setting expectations.

Chromatic may interest fans of video game soundtracks, or anyone interested in hearing a set of experimental pieces in a collection.

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