Today’s Listening – Shihad: Wait and See

Shihad are a band who are seemingly always working. The New Zealand rockers have had a long and illustrious career in small venues around Australia.

Their latest album FVEY (2014) left me disappointed, the riffs were great but the songs all overstayed their welcome. Shihad to me, work best as a pop/rock band. An opinion which I’m sure will be unpopular but I’ll take catchy songs over long dull repetitive rock songs any day. Ignite (2010), the album prior to FVEY has several very solid tracks on it and despite culling away all of the bells and whistles on FVEY for the straight rock sound they did themselves the disservice of forgetting how fantastic they are at songwriting when they want to be.

If you want to check out the best of FVEY, check out the shortened radio/video edit of Think You’re So Free.

PS: Shihad have clearly enjoyed NZ being a filmmaking powerhouse of late, their music videos have been on point for years now.

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