The Protest Song OUT NOW!

Late last year I shot my first music video which was specifically designed to be broadcast.

The April Maze were once again the collaborators and this video marked the 3rd time I’d worked with them (they have since been back for a 4th visit). I must be doing something right.

Sivan and Todd are two of the hardest working musicians I’ve ever met, the live in their Kombi van called Shirley (who I’ve also had the pleasure of shooting a music video in) and have spent the last few years touring in support of their two EPs and their debut album “Recycled Soul” of which “The Protest Song” will be the 2nd single.

The video was conceived in a very very short period, we knew we wanted to show footage of the protest that the band had filmed. The rest of the video was very much up in the air, even during filming we were coming up with, trialling ideas and if they looked good shooting them, and in some cases shooting the bad ones too.

Working with a touring band can be complicated, especially whilst I was working the equivalent of a full time job. They were in Wollongong for 3 days, and I had other shoots booked over two of those days. The band arrived at the location (a generously booked out drum room at Main Street Studios) which we had to work with because it was the only space we could afford with the very limited budget that wasn’t on public property. We shot from 4pm through to 2am basically non stop, only pausing briefly for costume and make up changes.

The crew involved was the delightful Sarah Logan who helped me iron out the creases in the massive black backdrop we shot against, and Adam Jordan the owner of Main Street who kept Sivi and Todd entertained whilst they weren’t needed on set.

Shot using a selection of lenses and lighting provided by Xmas lights and halogen worklights there was very much a DIY attitude about getting this clip made. It HAD to be done cheaply and had to come off looking the opposite. I feel that the clip has achieved that.

The footage of the SLAM protest which was shot by Todd and Sivan themselves was the hardest part of post production work involved, as I felt that it had to look softer than it’s original digital version shot on a small hand held camera as the event unfolded.

Ladies and Gentlepants may I present…….

The April Maze – The Protest Song