The Illusion of Free Will: Kids Will Be Robots

¡Hola México !

Otro país visitado ahora en mi mapa musical .

That’ll probably do me for now, my Spanish lessons on Duolingo haven’t yet covered how to do a whole review in another language. What I think I’ve said in the statement above is “another country marked on my musical map” – Mexico.

A short and sharp review today of a 2-track release from Monterrey based one-man-band The Illusion of Free Will, the brainchild of Ricardo Vela.

Kids Will Be Robots comes in at under 11 minutes of music.

On listening this release feels like the late night imaginings of a weary eyed soul who has just managed to get the little one off to bed. There are inclusions of children’s laughter at the start of the titular track, this has the feel of a very personal project. That’s what it feels like and as the listener that’s my prerogative to build whatever story I want around it.

The music is delicate clean guitar, when the inevitable distortion comes in it feels restrained. It feels like there is a fear that if the music gets too loud it’ll wake the child.

There is an autobiographical feel to this release, based on the music and the album artwork. It’s a short and sweet and doesn’t try to be anything more than that.

– Murray