Oceansize – Frames – 10 Year Review

Since this post ended up turning out to be more of an essay than a review. Here is the footage from the DVD that came with the album, a live performance of the whole album in a warehouse. Brilliant. The first time I heard of Oceansize was in 2009. Australian prog rock powerhouse Cog announced […]

Wang Wen: Sweet Home, Go!

Starting Point: Heart of Ocean Personal favourite: Heart of Ocean Things I’ve learned from Wang Wen: China has a post-rock scene. At least one Chinese post-rock band are up to album number nine. I really do know nothing. The above facts shouldn’t surprise me as much as they do, but in equal measure they please me. Music […]

pg.lost: Versus

pg. lost – Versus (2016) Entry point: Ikaros Personal highlight: Versus Adding a vocalist is something that every instrumental band I’ve been in has had suggested at one point or another. I’m sure someone at a live gig has come up to pg.lost and said “great sound, where’s your singer?” This music easily lends itself […]