Switchkicker -Another Way

Switchkicker is the moniker of Dan Sutherland, of Many Machines on Nine/MM9 fame. Switchkicker released two EPs which gained airplay on Triple J in the early 2000s.

Dan Sutherland is one of the more captivating frontmen in Australia and in my mind is our version of Trent Reznor.

After the perpetually delayed MM9 album “The Air Between” and seemingly endless tours to support it, MM9 eventually imploded. I attended their farewell show in 2011 at the Annandale, a show which will always linger in my memory. The amount of condensation dripping from the low ceiling in the long and narrow room was tropical. The stifling humidity and scent of sweat. The power of a band playing with a room full of people hanging on their every note. The joy of four musicians saying farewell to those who had been with them on a ten-year musical journey, in an iconic venue.

After MM9 split various side projects came and went. Sub-Atari Knives never sat well with me, it was nowhere near the sums of its parts. Dan Sutherland remixed a few songs for other artists under the alias Destroy All Noise (DAN). Dan Sutherland then went on to join Sub Atari Knives, though to the best of my knowledge only one track has made it out into the wild with the new lineup.

Which brings us back to Switchkicker. 2016 saw Cog reform for some live shows, the first since 2010. In equally exciting news, supporting them would be Switchkicker. “Could this possibly mean new Switchkicker?” I thought at the time. The belated answer is, yes.

So, is it any good? Does that really matter? I like it. I don’t love it. Sonically it falls closer to 17102 than Method 2. I FREAKING LOVE Method 2. Either way, it’s fantastic to have Dan Sutherland making new music.

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