Shihad played at Waves Nightclub in Towradgi recently. I must confess I was there more to check out Floating Me in their debut gig, and photograph that. As Shihad are rock royalty thought I knew what I was in for, great entertainment, a fired up crowd and some memorable songs.

Little did I know that Shihad were touring their new album, Ignite. The songs on this album are far less traditional rock that other songs of their’s and have a distinctly produced feel to them. I must also point out that this is not a bad thing, some tracks have the usual screaming guitar riffs in the chorus replaced with a synth line and for a band who have been together for over 20 years it was refreshing to see how well they could modernise and update their sound whilst still keeping their own unique characteristics that made them who they are.

Sadly Shihad were running overtime and had their set cut short by 3 songs which left the crowd, who were under Jon Toogood’s spell quite angered as they chanted “Encore” to no avail. Missing from Shihad’s set were also a few of their best known songs, while still playing some recognisable singles the crowd was obviously left a little disappointed to see the track Pacifier was not on the set list at all.

One thing I will give Shihad is that they have some interesting stage antics, Jon jumping off the stage to perform an entire track (pics below) from the middle of the crowd was one that I haven’t seen many times before.

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