Policing in Crisis!

The first track the new band has released.
The anthem for our first show.
It’s all happening. September 2nd 2011.

Policing in Crisis.

2016 edit.
This song remains the only song I’ve mixed (myself) on the SSL to date. With practice I hope to get better at mixing in the box, which for those not in the know means to use software emulations of (traditionally very rare and therefore very expensive) studio hardware.

I realised not long after recording this song that the level of technical detail required to get to the level that I would demand of myself is probably too far down the rabbit hole for where my strengths are. This was the time to pivot.

Working in the studio at the time provided me with excellent clarity and while financially they were tough times, they provided me with fantastic learnings. I am able to poke, prod, encourage and demand more of artists than they thought they had in them or felt comfortable with. Not in an abusive way, but (hopefully) in a challenging way – “Are you really happy with that take? Is that the best that you have in you today? Is what we’re doing best for the song?” Each in their own a challenging question, but for those who let go and let us come along with them on the journey I hope they agree that the end result was much better for it.