Moving Images

A selection of my recent video work.

Over-reactor vs Main Street Studios – The Energy from Relative Silence on Vimeo.

Over-reactor vs. Main St. Studios – The Energy

A video which was filmed concurrently with the writing and recording of the track (over the course of a 14 hour studio session). Resulting in more of a musical documentary rather than a traditional music video, the use of footage which shows the genesis of ideas. An example of this is some of the shots of Ezekiel Ox singing “It ain’t a truth, it’s just a hard lined attitude” during the middle of the video, which is the footage recorded of a freestyle.
It ain’t necessarily pretty; but it’s real, truthful and honest to the track.
First broadcast June 2011 – ABC Rage

The Protest Song – The April Maze from Relative Silence on Vimeo.

The April Maze – The Protest Song

Having worked with Todd and Sivi from The April Maze on many occaisions before, it felt right to shoot the music video for their 2nd single off their debut album “Recycled Soul”.
Combining my hectic shedule with that of a touring band it was simple. We had one night to shoot the band and everything else would have to be done at another time. Despite the tight budget and even tighter time restraints “The Protest Song” came together with ease and is at least in my opinion, a fitting companion for the track.
First broadcast 20th May 2011 – ABC Rage

In Cog We Trust – Trailer 1 from In Cog We Trust on Vimeo.

In Cog We Trust

In December 2010, Australian rock music icons Cog played their last show of the year, and potentially last gig after going on hiatus. Filmed by the fans for the fans this footage will eventually be uploaded for free download and streaming off the web as a tribute for one of the hardest working bands in Australian music.
I worked on this project as a camera operator, editor and advisor. At this stage the project has no set release date and will be slowly released on a track by track basis.