Floating Me

Last night I had the privelidge to shoot the debut gig of a new band comprising of some well known names. Technically I guess it is a supergroup, but since I dislike the term I will try to avoid it.

Consisting of Andrew Gillespie, Antony Brown, Tobias Messiter from the iconic 90s rock band Scarymother, Lucius Borich formerly of Cog and Borich vs Borich, and Jon Stockman from Karnivool the band clearly has some lineage.

So how did it all come together?

After a longer than usual soundcheck and a few obvious teething issues with running such a complicated setup for the first time (huge drumkit, samplers, keyboards, hard disks) the band started playing and from the first minute of the first song it was clear that the band was not just some Cog and Karnivool clones with a different singer.

The music was more soundscape than riffs in most places with Andrew Gillespie crooning over the top and Lucius sitting at the back demanding the crowds attention with his drumming the band settled into a groove. A groove which was only really disrupted by the roadie telling them they were running overtime, meaning they had to sacrifice a song.

A little unpolished in places, no real audience rapport between songs and a singer who sometimes looked upset with himself for not nailing the notes. You do have to cut him some slack, after they finished I asked Andrew when the last time he was on stage was. He worked out a rough number of 16.5 years since he was last on stage. I daresay by the time the album is released in March/April 2011 the band will be definitely something to keep your ear out for, as they are already pretty impressive.

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