Drum Phil

Last Sunday, also known locally as “The Hangover After Hyfest” was the day that drums were tracked for the first single for my new band.

I’m going to play my cards pretty close to my chest on this one so far, I can say Rob Carr is singing and at least on the first two tracks his old partner in crime Phil Burke was banging away on the skins.

Needless to say Phil hadn’t really played much rock music on his drums for the past 18 months or so, and it was clear at first that he was nervous as hell. His hands were physically shaking with nerves at first but after only a few minutes he was looking much calmer and it was obvious that he was a drummer of great skill.

Phil did something which I for one wasn’t expecting, after being given basically free reign over the drums for the track he came back after about 3 weeks of having the demo recording which I sampled at home and played in the studio almost note for note the drum line which I had sampled. Not being a drummer I found this baffling as I didn’t think that what I’d written would EVER be more than just a guide I used for recording the guitars and bass to.

Almost note for note Phil played what I had written and then after hearing how amazing his drumkit sounded we only made a few minor adjustments to the drums; such as adding on an additonal section at the end which is basically a 2 bar Tom pattern. Beautiful stuff.

To further show his class as a drummer Phil then went on to drum to a track he had only heard a few times before. Drumming to a demo which was admittedly horribly out of time (my fault for getting lazy) and had layers of noise added from Rob tracking guide vocals directly into his laptop.

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