Klone – Unplugged (2017)

Starting point: People are People Personal highlight: Gone Up In Flames Hailing from France, Klone are a prog rock band signed with Pelagic-records. They have released an acoustic album “Unplugged”, acting as a pseudo greatest-hits. Sourced from their previous two albums, the songs stripped bare and performed acoustically take on a new life. Throw in […]

Today’s Listening – Shihad: Wait and See

Shihad are a band who are seemingly always working. The New Zealand rockers have had a long and illustrious career in small venues around Australia. Their latest album FVEY (2014) left me disappointed, the riffs were great but the songs all overstayed their welcome. Shihad to me, work best as a pop/rock band. An opinion which […]

Today’s listening – Refused: Elektra

  I’m currently writing a summary of 2016 and it’s taking far longer that I originally expected. So to promise I’m still working on it here is what I’m listening to while I write it. It’s a cracker of a tune and I love how clean the guitars are for such heavy music.

Biffy Clyro: Ellipsis – A belated review

Biffy Clyro are a favourite band of mine, top five for my life so far. Since being sent a few songs from a friend living in Scotland as Puzzle came out way back in 2007 I’ve been hooked. Ellipsis is Biffy Clyro’s seventh studio album and had the near impossible task of following the monstrous double album “Opposites”. […]

After Osmosis: What Do You See When You Dream?

Hello Albuquerque! What Do You See When You Dream? by After Osmosis Watching the US election results being returned is probably not the intended use case for “What Do You See When You Dream?”. Yet against the turbulence of the results coming in, it provides a perfect calming contrast. One of the the most beautiful […]

British Theatre: Mastery

British Theatre – Mastery Entry point: Gold Bruise/Capra Personal highlight: Newman Full disclosure: I was a backer of this project on PledgeMusic. I am unashamedly a huge fan of everything these guys do. Quality music follows them; Oceansize, their solo projects, Biffy Clyro (where they play the part of hired guns) and now British Theatre. Oceansize […]

Helmet: Dead To The World

Starting point: Life or Death or Bad News Personal Highlight: Look Alive Like any Australian who watched Rage after coming home from a night out or waking up early on a weekend – I’m aware of Helmet. They are the band pink guitar, shorts wearing band with a video that kept popping up every time a heavier […]