Oceansize – Frames – 10 Year Review

Since this post ended up turning out to be more of an essay than a review. Here is the footage from the DVD that came with the album, a live performance of the whole album in a warehouse. Brilliant. The first time I heard of Oceansize was in 2009. Australian prog rock powerhouse Cog announced […]

Silence the Sun – “Faceless” (2016) & “Fault Line” (2017)

It’s exciting to review an Australian band that I’d not previously heard of. They came on my radar when I received a media release from their PR agent. Progressive rock from Queensland’s Fortitude Valley. Interesting. Fault Line Fault Line is the second single released from their upcoming debut album “Sailing Empty Streets” due out in […]

Black Peaks – Statues (2016)

Black Peaks are a rock/metal band from Brighton, England. In 2016 they released their major label debut via Sony. How did they end up on my radar? Jamie Lenman. The former Reuben frontman wrote an article for Kerrang, “10 songs that changed my life”. Sitting on that list were Black Peaks, in particular, a live […]

The Life Cycle

This is a non-musical post. Life in three phases. You spend your early years collecting regrets. The middle years ruing them. Your latter years forgetting they ever happened.

Jamie Lenman – Mississippi (2017)

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if the Women don’t get you the whisky must…. Edit (10/7/17): Removed the Soundcloud link and replaced with a Bandcamp link, because Bandcamp. Also Mississippi is included on a double A side (digital) with the 2nd single, “Waterloo Teeth”. Waterloo Teeth by Jamie Lenman Jamie Lenman has previously sung […]

Switchkicker -Another Way

(Image credit – Switchkicker Facebook page) Switchkicker is the moniker of Dan Sutherland, of Many Machines on Nine/MM9 fame. Switchkicker released two EPs which gained airplay on Triple J in the early 2000s. Dan Sutherland is one of the more captivating frontmen in Australia and in my mind is our version of Trent Reznor. After […]